Chopper Rebellion Co.


    With a nod to the grassroots builders who inspire us, our custom creations reflect the passion and dedication that emanates from the garage culture.


    Here, every motorcycle is a rebellious statement, and every rider is part of a movement that echoes the call of the open road.


    Our community shares a bond forged on the open road, riding for the freedom that only motorcycles can offer. Chopper Rebellion Co. isn't just a shop; it's a rallying point for those who embrace the true spirit of motorcycle culture.



    Good Times Motorcycles Sales & Service

    1007 Vine Street, Hays KS


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    Good Times Motorcycle Podcast

  • New Rider Interview

    We will be interviewing new riders that embrace the rebel spirit of motorcycles and the desire to ride.

  • Rider Interviews

    We love hearing about peoples rides and rode stories as well as the different journeys they have been on.